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Tiaras, Trophies, and Tantrums

Much of Rosa Maria's early experience and training was to prepare her for a life at "center stage". Little did she know that God was also preparing her to be an outstanding Christian speaker. This entertaining and inspiring testimony tells how Rosa Maria's wins (and losses) in beauty pageants and her search for happiness led not to a "Miss America" crown but to the true source of joy, the Lord Jesus Christ. Women really identify with her as she shares the challenges of child rearing, marriage and life. In this message we learn that the real trophy in life is won when we give Christ first place and use our talents to serve Him.




The Total Woman:
Body, Soul, and Spirit

Have you got it all together?  Study and understand how body, soul, and spirit are supposed to mesh together in proper relationship and harmony but often don't, and the steps to take when they are out of alignment.  Health, happiness, and wholeness require harmony in our three-part nature.  Fascinating, exciting, and extremely useful things you'll want to know to help you and help you to help others.




First Love

Think back to that wonderful experience of meeting Jesus.  Do you remember the warmth, the joy, the deep sense of happiness and purpose? The way you looked upon a new world through new eyes?  Would you now say that you have "forsaken your first love" and, like the church at Ephesus, you need "to remember the height from which you have fallen?"  For many, if not most of us, we may have to admit that frech excitement and joy aren't there anymore.  As Rosa Maria present "First Love," you may experience anew the joy that first encounter with Jesus while finding a love that is sweeter and more enduring, more mature than before.




Personality Profiles

Are you a talker, doer, thinker, or watcher? Is your main goal in life to have fun, be in control, seek perfection, or be at peace? Personality Profiles always earns rave reviews because people love to learn about the personality types and how they influence behavior. They will also gain real insight that will help their personal and professional relationships. Filled with humor, entertainment, and small group sessions, but with a solid core of Biblical wisdom, Personality Profiles will enhance any program.  




Relationships are Fragile 
Handle with Care

Sometimes it seems that too many people today are defensive, edgy, and "brittle" due to their busy, stressful lives. They seem so quick to take offense and the least little thing can set them off. In this message, Rosa Maria talks about how to avoid those hard-to-repair confrontations and maintain good solid relationships. The Christian way to restore broken relationships seems like a hard road to travel because it is always our turn to initiate forgiveness. So much in the Bible tells us that it is in those humbling moments when we forget self and take the first step to mend the relationship that we are most Christ-like.  



Golden Girls

Do you feel ready for life on Golden Pond? Will you sit out your golden years in the empty nest thinking you have completed your service? After all, it's time to pass the torch to the young - or is it? The mature woman is an incredible resource loaded with ability, experience, insight, and wisdom far too valuable to be wasted and very much needed in the work of the church. This message from Titus 2 will inspire senior women to be true Golden Girls using their abilities, experience, insight, and wisdom to nurture the younger women now!  




The Fairest of Them All

Oh no, not her again! The Proverbs 31 lady and her outstanding successes in life are a delight to some, a challenge to others, but a source of discomfort to most. How we feel about her tells much about where we are in our own lives. Can we have it all at once? Wife, mother, homemaker, career woman, church worker, civic leader … - it's just too much! Yet many women today are trying to wear all of these hats at the same time. In this presentation, Rosa Maria reveals how you can proceed at your own pace with the challenge of the Proverbs 31 woman. Upon hearing this message at a retreat, an inspired attendee wrote Rosa Maria a poem that included these lines: 

"…She said a woman's beauty comes from within
   Not from the kind of clothing she's in.
   She opened my eyes and helped me to see
   The kind of woman I want to be…"




The TOTAL WOMAN - BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT: Health, happiness, and wholeness require harmony in our three-part nature.

  • The BODY - My Earthsuit - God's Temple
  • The SOUL - My Control Panel - My Mind, Will, and Emotions
  • The SPIRIT - My Essence - My Connection to the Holy Spirit

A Bouquet of Relationships: 
Helping women get along better with the important people in their lives.  Choose from some of the following topics:

  • Adam's Rib and Other Funny Bones: Relating to your spouse
  • The Fairest of Them All: Relating to your family
  • Golden Girls: Relating to and mentoring younger women
  • Relationships are Fragile- Handle with Care: Relating to your friends and others

The Power Zone: Leading women into a deeper relationship with Christ and the joy of  abiding in Him.

  • Why We Need to be There
  • Why We Aren't There
  • How to Get There and Stay There

PATHWAYS OF PRAYER:  Understanding the spiritual steps to a powerful prayer life.  

  • Pathway of Prayer: Basic Principles
  • Pathway of Worship, Praise, and Thanksgiving
  • Pathway of Confession and Repentance
  • Pathway of Intercession and Petition

Personality Profiles: Knowing the God-given personality types.

  • Defining the personality types/Personal analysis
  • Strengths of the four types/Life applications 
  • Weaknesses of the four types/Life applications 


Five Announcements 
of Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, too many people, despite the annual holiday extravaganza, haven't a clue as to what really happened. At least five individuals and
groups got the real story. How and why they got it is a story in itself. This is not your ordinary Christmas message. You will gain a unique understanding and a refreshed and beautiful perception of this most amazing act of love as seen from the perspectives of five who were there. 


The Power Zone

Finding the correct balance of nutrients puts us in the right "zone" for maximum physical health and power. Similarly, the right balance of spiritual nutrients - worship, prayer, praise, Bible study, and repentance puts us in the spiritual power zone. "Ye shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you" and when that happens, "You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you." We have all been there - the spiritual mountaintops where the power of God's spirit overflows. Is it possible to stay there? In this message, Rosa Maria serves as a tour guide to that mountaintop - The Power Zone - whether it is your first or hundredth visit you will not want to miss it. 




Pathways of Prayer

Prayer is the all-important pathway of spiritual connectedness to God - the way we must take if we are to come into His presence.  Can there be anything as important?  Or worthwhile? There is much to learn about prayer.  This message has Biblical principles that will energize your prayer life and transform it into a powerful spiritual force, opening a true dialogue with God.





Adam's Rib and Other Funny Bones

"Male and female created He them" - and the differences are much more than just pink or blue booties. Today some want to ignore, blur, or erase these differences, and yet are not the happier for it! In this presentation, Rosa Maria covers some of the hilarious situations that grow out of the differences between those men from Mars and the ladies from Venus. The finale will remind us that we have to live together on Earth. Learn how to bring this boy-girl business back into the kind of relationship God sets forth in His Word.




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