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Carroll County Times

Saturday, November 12, 1994
Westminster, Maryland

After 5 Club combines business with the word of God by Joanne E. Morvay

" . . . At the front of the room  stands the evening's speaker, a former homecoming queen at the University of Tennessee who now teaches personality seminars and other related workshops.  

Rosa Maria Faulkner has members of the Westminster After 5 Club in near hysterics with her wry look at family life, which she calls "Tiaras, Trophies and Tantrums."

As Faulkner's speech gradually turns serious, the giggles subside.  When she reaches the purpose of her presentation, the room is so still it seems no one is even breathing.  

Faulkner is discussing her relationship with God and she's talking about Jesus Christ as if He were a personal friend.  

By now, some of the women are weeping.  Others stare solemnly at the floor.  They all bow their heads when Faulkner offers a short prayer. . . ." 





Rosa Maria Faulkner
Contributing Author
for the book

Getting Along with Almost Anybody
by Florence & Marita Littauer
& select certified personality trainers

Rosa Maria Faulkner demonstrates how your personality type shapes your relationship with God in Chapter 15: "Spiritual Life: How the personalities Respond to God".  Her depth of knowledge comes from her long experience of leading women's retreats and seminars. 





The News Journal
Saturday, January 11, 1997
Wilmington, Delaware

 Personality Plus Seminar Offered
by Rhonda B. Graham

People laugh when Rose Maria Faulkner sums up her back-
ground: a former beauty queen and naive housewife with a flaming temper that matched her hair color

Now the mother of three adult children, Faulkner tells crowds she finally realized that when "you are enrolled in the self-improvement course for the other person, it doesn't work."

The women are promised insight on why their spouses and children act the way they do, and help in parenting and developing harmonious marriages. But lately, Faulkner has been asking retreat attendees about how their personality affects their relationship with God. The answers proved true to personality type.

"The popular sanguines - they're the fun-loving, life-of-the-
party type - will say he is a God of joy. The take charge cholerics saw God as being all-powerful, sovereign as
being omniscient," she says. "The melancholies view God as the supreme deity of order, a wonderful genius responsible for orderly creation of the universe. And as their label suggests the phlegmatics - peaceful, contented types, who tend to procrastinate and prefer the status quo to controversy - have difficulty nourishing their spiritual life.

"They may not see that they need to change," explains Faulkner after reviewing responses from a recent retreat. "They admitted that they found it hard to set aside time to have a quiet time to pray and to read the Bible. Probably phlegmatics may have a hard time becoming a Christian because they may put off making a decision."

Faulkner tells churches they should try to stack committees and councils with all these personality types, despite the inherent weaknesses of each category.

"See, what we should really want is for Jesus to be the pastor, because He had all the strengths of all the personalities and none of the weaknesses."






Maryland/Delaware Baptist Life
June 6, 1996

 Seminar Leader Addresses Personality
by Vivian Phillips


Rosa Maria Faulkner is an ambassador for understanding - one's self and others. Through a 40-item questionnaire and instruction, she helps others "find out who they are and how God created them." The purpose of the personality seminars she leads is to "free participants up to understand themselves and others, so they can be their best for Christ."

"Evangelism is one of my gifts," said Faulkner. "I don't like to pass up an opportunity." In explaining personalities, Faulkner addresses strengths and weaknesses. She tells seminar participants, "You know you can't work on these weaknesses by yourself. You need the Lord Jesus Christ." Faulkner briefly shares the plan of salvation and asks all to bow their heads in prayer.

Small group activities highlight how different personalities solve problems and follow directions. Good natured theatrics spotlight the personalities as each small group "performs" its primary personality.

The "Personality Profiles" seminar can be used to instruct the whole church body, the church leadership, for women's ministry or retreats, or as an evangelistic outreach, suggests Faulkner. She further adds the seminar would be helpful for teenagers, singles, married couples or parents.










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